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The Metabolic Balance® Four Phase progamme

Participants will have a single blood test, and an individually tailored nutritional programme will then be drawn up based on the results. Your Metabolic Balance® coach will then guide you through the Four Phases of your Metabolic Balance® progamme.

Phase 1: The programme begins with a two-day preparation where the body is gentle cleansed and primed for the nutritional regime.

Phase 2: The structured, strict phase lasts from two to four weeks depending on the individual’s needs. A list of foods that you may eat will be provided, and you will start to follow the eight Metabolic Balance® rules. Many participants see considerable weight loss during this phase, and energy levels increase.

Phase 3: After the strict phase, there is a more relaxed adjustment period. You will have an extended list of foods you can enjoy, and occasional treats are allowed (alcohol/favourite foods). This phase will normally last about three months, or until you reach your target weight.

Phase 4: This is the maintenance phase for when you have reached your weight goal. Your coach will help advise you how to incorporate the Metabolic Balance® rules into your eating for the rest of your life.

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